How has DigDash Enterprise improved on the performance of our customers?

DigDash’s mission is to make your life easier!
Our dynamic and agile dashboards allow you to manage your data autonomously, use it simply and share it with your collaborators. All that, without the help of the IT department.

And in real life, how is that working out? Here are a few cases that will concretely illustrate how our customers use DigDash Enterprise dashboards:


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Rueil Malmaison: “The Implementation of an HR Management Review”

Christine CARRACO, cmanagement controller at the Rueil Malmaison commune has led the project to set up an HR Management Review comprising a large number of indicators grouped under 4 main themes: salaries, staff, absenteeism and training.

Initially extracted from Business Objects and processed on Excel, data quickly became complex to manage, ‘There was so much to manage that we couldn’t continue to process data on so many rows in an Excel file,’ she comments.

The implementation of DigDash enabled the consolidation of data from various sources and the daily automation of queries to extract data from Business Object.
Data are thus updated on a daily basis on the financial part of the dashboards, and monthly on the rest of the HR indicators.

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Rueil Malmaison commune | HR Dashboards

La Palette Rouge: “Access to activity reporting in real time”

After launching a digital transformation study, La Palette Rouge (LPR) decided to equip itself with a portal allowing each customer to access their own activity reporting in real time, in an autonomous and interactive way.
The indicators monitored are mainly related to the traceability of information of pallet flow.

“’The main strength of the DigDash Enterprise solution is the ability to have an interactive and global view of our activities, while being able to go into detail if necessary” says Patrick SIGWALT, CIO at LPR.

LPR has also taken advantage of DigDash’s complementarity with Business Object to create synthetic dashboards. DigDash’s ability to manage very large volumes of data has proven to be particularly useful in processing the amount of information handled by customers!

Today the portal is a success: Customers have adopted the tool, and become aware of the real benefits generated. Moreover, this solution, initially intended for customers, has been transformed into an internal monitoring solution.

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La palette rouge | Real-time activity reporting

SAGE : ” Keeping up with the new challenges accountants are facing’ “

With nearly 5,000 accountant customers, Sage has joined the wind of change blowing across the profession, which is now more centered on consulting and the need to enhance productivity. In this context, an optimization of their accounting management and payroll solution was necessary.

Sage faced constraints that forced it to review its day-to-day operating model, including significantly reduced turnaround times for the transmission of information to customers. Actually, customers want to take stock of their activity on a more regular and rapid basis.

The priority for Sage was to come up with a software that could comply with the existing system, which is one of the main strengths of DigDash Enterprise: « ‘The simplicity of the DigDash Enterprise software, the ability to quickly design indicators but also the history of the company convinced us» explains Jean-Christophe Havas, presales consultant at SAGE.

Sage and DigDash worked hand in glove to achieve the best result: “The various indicators were jointly constructed, and we classified them to enable users to know, for example, which files are up to date and which are at risk, to assess their progress or to see whether collaborators are behind schedule”.

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Volkswagen Financial Services: “Improving the management of business performance” »

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) wanted to make its KPIs accessible to its key partners, and the traditional Excel spreadsheet they had been using before was not making it easy for them to do so.

Jean-Bernard Pollet, head of the business methods department, explains that before the arrival of the DigDash Enterprise solution, data integration and management of the various files had to be done manually. These tasks were not only time-consuming, but also meant that the figures could not be made available to all collaborators who needed them.

Since 2012, they have been using DigDash Enterprise to manage their performance indicators. “We have been able to set up very simple and visual indicators. They are represented with a gauge system that enables them to be positioned in relation to the objectives set. From now on, distributors can define a strategy consistent with these indications.”

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Volkswagen-VWFS | BI at the service of business performance

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