DigDash is a frankenword of Digital and Dashboard.

DigDash Enterprise is primarily a decision support tool. It improves business performance management by providing dynamic dashboards to users.

It is a real-time data visualization tool rather than a static reporting tool(paper). It allows interactive data navigation by the user.

DigDash Enterprise is a tool for creating dynamic “full-web” reports and dashboards. They are searchable on many types of electronic devices, including mobile phones. DigDash Enterprise manages structured (databases, tables …) and unstructured data (databases, texts …).

DigDash Enterprise is very often used as a complement to existing decision-making systems. Indeed, it can recover the data structuring and the security set up in multiple universes (SAP/Business Objects, an IBM/Cognos framework, Oracle/Hyperion Cube…)

DigDash Enterprise brings new functionalities in terms of data exploration on the Web or on a mobile device.

DigDash Enterprise lets you join and modify data sources so that they can be analyzed together.

DigDash Enterprise can be purchased in a perpetual license or in SaaS model. The solution is then hosted on an external server.

DigDash Enterprise is available on mobile by simply connecting to the web application. You have nothing to install, it is automatically included in the solution.


DigDash Enterprise can function on Windows, Unix, Aix…because of the J2EE server (Tomcat is provided with the product).

DigDash Enterprise supports many web servers. You need to connect it to the J2EE server (Supported web servers: Microsoft IIS, Apache HTTPD…)

DigDash Enterprise stocks data “In-Memory” to provide faster processing.

The data update is a setting in DigDash Enterprise. Depending on the need, it could be done every day, every 10 minutes or even live.

DigDash Enterprise’s dashboards can be consulted on various browsers: Internet Explorer (from IE8), Opera, Chrome, Safari. DigDash Enterprise equally adapts to mobile device’s navigators (iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile).

No, DigDash Enterprise uses an “O plug-in” approach.

No, DigDash Enterprise uses an “O plug-in” approach. We simply use the websites’ capabilities.

Yes, DigDash Enterprise allows visualizing data while being off-line by recuperating the stored graphs in the hidden navigator. Navigating through your data remains possible even off-line.


DigDash Enterprise can connect to any type of data source: structured and non-structured.

Structured data is provided from databases, data warehouses, OLAP cubes, BI reports, Excel, CSV, HTML files.
Unstructured data is text documents, websites, emails or RSS feeds.

DigDash Enterprise does not depend on an external database to function. For performance reasons, the data used in the dashboards are stocked in data cubes owned by DigDash.

DigDash supports numerous “flat” data sources: Excel, CSV, HTML….

DigDash Enterprise offers a source blender that allows a heterogeneous data crossing and a multi-source analysis.

DigDash natively proposes a JDBC connection that allows recuperating data from databases of type: PostgreSQL, MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, DB2, QSL Server, DBS (AS400), Sybase.

DigDash Enterprise can integrate itself to various types of existing information systems and can recuperate data from numerous sources (Cognos, Business Objects….)

DigDash Enterprise can connect to the SAP system at multiple levels: either on the underlying database or on a SAP/BW cube.

DigDash Enterprise natively allows recuperating data from Business Objects whilst maintaining data safety.

DigDash Enterprise natively allows recuperating data from Cognos whilst maintaining data safety.

DigDash Enterprise natively allows recuperating data from cubes using MDX language.

DigDash has put in place a methodology and tools allowing to create connectors according to the user ’s needs.

DigDash Enterprise proposes a centralized system allowing the unitary or global translation of metadata. They are registered into a file (.properties) that a translator can use to add the translations in the necessary languages.

DigDash Enterprise can connect to different directory services within the company: LDAP, Active Directory…

DigDash Enterprise can recuperate data from an SSO of type NTLM, Kerberos…


DigDash Enterprise is aimed at all companies (SME’s and key accounts) that need simple and intuitive reports and dashboards.

DigDash Enterprise allows you to visualize and analyze the company key performance indicators to control your strategy. Compatible with your existing installation, its deployment and handling are done very quickly.

DigDash Enterprise is developed 100% in JAVA for the data engine part. The Visualization part is based on W3C standards (HTML/AJAX).

DigDash has developed this software for over six years and is 100% proprietary.

The Information Portfolio Administration Console is a JAVA application. It is deployed on the client computer through an Internet browser (Java Web Start Technology) which facilitates installation. It is thus close to the design of a client application which allows the user to find a controlled environment regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Yes, depending on the rights assigned in the application, an end-user of DigDash Enterprise can create his dashboard or simply consult it. DigDash Enterprise includes a feature, natural language query, that allows an end user to create new graphs by asking the data model.


DigDash Enterprise’s dashboards are built by dragging and dropping data flows on a dashboard page.

Each visualization is exportable in PDF, PPT or Excel format.

DigDash Enterprise uses its own and optimized maps. We put to your disposition an integration tool allowing the creation of specific maps.

Yes, DigDash Enterprise integrates maps that are completely available in the product.

DigDash Enterprise allows the refreshment and the publication of dashboards by email, on a website.

Yes, DigDash Enterprise allows the exportation and the automatized generation of documents (PowerPoint…).

As for emails, DigDash Enterprise allows the creation of SMS alerts.

Yes, DigDash Enterprise allows the insertion of URL, text, and images links…


Yes, we can simulate by creating calculated variables using parameters that the user can adapt in his/her dashboard in order to analyze the variables’ impact on other indicators (“What if Analysis”).

DigDash Enterprise integrates an automatic or manual hierarchical system allowing to explore data in Drill/Down. Moreover, advanced filters allow a closer analysis.

DigDash Enterprise allows commenting on the dashboards’ graphs. The comments can be displayed on the dashboard or linked to the concerned graph. Adding comments can be allowed to everyone or limited to some users.

DigDash Enterprise is natively oriented towards nomad populations and functions for all mobile devices or tablets (J2ME, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad…).

No, DigDash Enterprise integrates a device library and then allows to generate adapted flow to the support and consultation tools: web, phones, tablets…

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