Sage | White label integration of our dashboard solution

Sage has close to 5,000 accountant clients.

The company has been confronted with the evolution of this business towards consulting and the need to increase their productivity. It has therefore chosen to enrich its accounting and payroll management solution (Sage Accounting Production Experts). They chose to integrate a dashboard module.

Their customers will benefit from an overall 360 ° view of their business and this in order to be more responsive. It is in this context that Sage uses DigDash, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions editor, to co-build this new tool.

A desire to continue to accompany the new challenges of experts-accountants

Accountants have to change the way they work. Today, they must ensure better communication with their customers. Industrialization and automation of certain tasks are therefore required.

“Our CPA clients are working with new constraints. They need to transmit information to their customers in shorter and shorter times. The aim is to enable them to take stock of their activity quickly and regularly, “explains Jean-Christophe HAVAS.

“Know the risks, improve the management of the obligations, anticipate and measure the profitability of the files. This is what our customers need to know to know where they are.

Establishing a high value-added partnership with DigDash

“The simplicity of the DigDash Enterprise software, the ability to quickly design indicators but also the history of the company convinced us.”

Sage wanted a robust solution that could easily integrate with the existing one. In addition to trusting the team and the tool, it was DigDash’s ability to co-build the solution that was critical.

A collaboration based on the co-construction of a new module

The creation of the dashboard module was indeed a real collaborative work between Sage and the publisher DigDash.

“The different indicators were co-constructed. We have classified them to allow users to know, for example, up-to-date files and those at risk, evaluate their progress or see if employees are late.

This new tool fits both a liberal professional and a larger structure. Both editors focused on creating a seamless solution.

“We worked on an indicator library so that each user could customize their dashboards based on their activity.”

A solution adapted to the new uses of experts-accountants

“With DigDash, we have set up an email alert module so our customers can be hyper-responsive. They can also now produce reports in PDF or PowerPoint format. ”

“Users will also be able to open access to the platform to some of their customers via an adapted interface”.

Sage | White label integration of our dashboard solution

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