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Today, Business Intelligence dashboards are essential for companies and administrations wishing to better understand their data and make it accessible to as many people as possible. Thanks to them, Big Data is no longer a matter for specialists!

Designed with self-service in mind, BI solutions now allow neophytes to interact with data. They only have to consult their dashboards and their indicators to work more efficiently and improve their decision-making.

Bringing performance and simplicity to the heart of your Business Intelligence reports: this is the vocation of DigDash Enterprise. More than a Data Visualization tool, our platform allows users to integrate and interpret their data independently, however heterogeneous and dispersed they may be.

Management, commercial or financial dashboards… The possibilities are limitless! DigDash offers tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs and your sector of activity.


+ de 450 clients
More than 450 customers
+ de 800 projets
More than 800 projects
+ de 10 000 tableaux de bords
More than 10 000 dashboards
+ de 200 000 to de données traitées
More than 200 000 to data processed


Get real-time visibility into your business and make informed decisions! Whether in the public sector, finance, industry or even hospitals, DigDash allows you to act more rationally, at the most opportune time.

solution secteur finance

In the banking sector, Business Intelligence reporting is part of a complex and changing regulatory framework. DigDash offers a dashboard solution perfectly adapted to the financial field, allowing to create regulatory reports, but also to optimize the management of agencies.

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solution secteur retail

Thanks to our BI platform dedicated to merchants and e-merchants, increasing your sales has never been easier! DigDash allows retail professionals to analyse their figures in detail, consolidated by point of sale, region or channel, but also to manage their stocks and improve the customer experience.

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solution secteur btp

With a dashboard solution, industry professionals can improve the efficiency and performance of their production tool, make the best decisions and control costs. The Internet of Things (IoT) also paves the way for predictive maintenance.

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solution secteur public

Public administrations generally face two major challenges: the management of large volumes of data and the difficulty of obtaining reliable KPIs. DigDash Enterprise provides them with a powerful dashboard solution that meets high security requirements.

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