in shared or dedicated infrastructure


Main advantages of hosting on the Cloud :


– Scalability of the solution

– Outsourcing of services

– Speed of deployment

– Compatibility with all cloud offers

– Storage capacity and associated operation

Several types of hosting adapted to the characterictics of your projects:

Mutualized hosting


In other words “shared hosting”, it allows several computer resources to be grouped together in a common place via the same server. Thus, the storage capacities are dispersed among different users. We take care of the management, maintenance and proper functioning of the solution.

serveur mutualisé
serveur dédié

Dedicated hosting


This type of infrastructure is reserved and private and is particularly suitable when you need a certain level of performance. Indeed, this installation guarantees you the necessary resources (CPU, memory, bandwidth…) for your project, and we ensure its maintenance.

Dedicated hosting for health data

When it is necessary to host sensitive data such as health data, HDS certified dedicated hosting is necessary. This guarantees you an optimal level of security, confidentiality and accessibility of personal data on the health of patients.

Indeed, the hosting of data relating to health is governed by French law and detailed in the French Public Health Code (Article L.1111-8). It states that any healthcare organization (hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories) that manages personal medical data must use an HDS certified service provider.

Données de santé


Below, a comparative table of our different offers according to the characteristics of your needs.





Hosted service

Managed service (configuration, update, backup)

Hardware isolation

Unlimited users

Unlimited volume

Specific architecture (Cluster, LoadBalancing, etc.)

Update on demand

Annual operational monitoring point

Hosting in an HDS cloud

Health data certification

Reinforced security and controls


We are independent in the choice of our services associated with the cloud but we are still partners of the company OVHCloud.
In a common desire to build an ecosystem of SaaS and PaaS solutions, DigDash joined the Open Trusted Cloud label, and later the OVHcloud Marketplace, thus offering its turnkey solutions.

Not subject to the American Cloud Act, we guarantee you data hosted in a cloud which guarantees compliance with European regulations and reflects the codes of an open and free world.

There are many providers of Public Cloud who offer different possibilities of storage and computing options, accessible with ease.

Our customers are free to choose their associated services and for it we are also compatible with major public cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.

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