La palette rouge | Real-time activity reporting

In 2015, La Palette Rouge (LPR), a European expert in pallet rental, decided to invest in a customer portal to access real-time activity reporting.
The main purpose of this initiative was to allow customers to autonomously and intuitively analyse their data.
Patrick SIGWALT, IS Manager LPR Division, and Sylvain CARRER, Head of Business Intelligence, tell us about the challenges posed by this project and its deployment using the DigDash Enterprise solution.

“‘DigDash seemed to us like the best compromise between features and licence prices”

At the time, a study of market leaders was conducted, including companies such as Tableau, Click, SAP, Power BI, and Business Object. The challenge was to find offers with licence costs per user that were not exorbitant. With DigDash, LPR still pays licences per user but at a much more reasonable cost than with other market players. In fact, this was the winning point during negotiations at the time.

According to the teams there, DigDash Enterprise’s strengths are numerous:

● Navigation with a global vision while still being able to go into detail.
● Complementarity with Business Objects
● Management of very large volumes of data

“Teams get answers, and that would never have been the case with the big companies in the market”

Digdash support is also a great asset, as they are attentive to customer needs in terms of updates and specific developments when necessary.
It’s great to have direct, simple and almost immediate feedback.

It’s a success. The tool has been truly adopted by the team, and there is genuine awareness of the benefits it brings. Moreover, this tool, which was initially intended for customers, has been transformed into an internal monitoring solution.

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La palette rouge | Real-time activity reporting

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