Volkswagen-VWFS | BI at the service of business performance

Since 2012, Volkswagen Financial Services has integrated the DigDash Enterprise solution to manage its key performance indicators (KPI).

Performance guidance

By giving an innovative Business Intelligence solution to its sellers and distributors, Volkswagen Bank’s French branch eases its performance guidance. It also improves its commercial development. Indeed, it modernizes the whole of its re-sellers.
Volkswagen Financial Services has made the choice to abandon traditional spreadsheet software, Excel, for a reliable and reactive solution. In fact, Business Intelligence’s competitiveness, concerning regular adjustments and global new objectives, pushed the company to review its strategy.
“Before DigDash Enterprise, we had to manually manage the files and the integration of data. We wish for the numbers to available every day through an ergonomic web platform”. Explains Jean-Bernard Pollet, Head of Commercial Methods department.
“By integrating a BI solution, we limit data manipulation. Moreover, we reduce the lateness in the availability of the KPIs.”

The announced strategy

“Our strategy is to make accessible the KPIs to most people”. By opting for a simple tool for its installation and utilization. But entirely personalizable, Volkswagen Financial Services offers a solution to its different user types.
“Internal commercials, re-sellers, managers or even partners…In fact, not everyone has access to the same performance indicators. We have different user profiles, adapted to each’s function and mission. The solution allows selecting appropriate data for each activity’s guidance.”
“We have put in place simple and visual indicators. They are represented with a scaling system allowing to determine the level of achievement compared to the fixed objectives. ”
“ We want a flexible solution to solve various problems.”
Even though the functionalities offered by DigDash Enterprise correspond to the various needs, Volkswagen Financial Services looks ahead.
“We are currently working with the editor to develop new functionalities. We want to push the use of data further. These improvements will allow us to gain even more time. Especially when extracting information for institutional presentations.”

Volkswagen-VWFS | BI at the service of business performance

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