Dashboards and indicators applicable to all healthcare industry players

As the healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges, business intelligence is becoming increasingly important, not only for data management, but also for building reliable dashboards and indicators. But the specific nature of the health field entails extremely high standards, particularly in terms of performance and safety.

The challenges of data management for healthcare institutions

Subject to very specific constraints, the healthcare industry is constantly evolving and the management of activities through data is becoming a strategic priority for healthcare institutions. However, these institutions are faced with extremely large volumes of data that are difficult to explore and analyze without an adequate tool.

From Human Resources Departments and Finance Departments, to Medical Information Department doctors and healthcare managers, healthcare decision makers must be able to trust their data in order to make decisions in real time. Indeed, healthcare is a true race against the clock, which requires immediate responses to a variety of operational challenges. In this context, the ability not only to analyze data, but to present it in a simple, quick and understandable way, is essential.

Furthermore, healthcare industry players are witnessing a transformation in their decision-making processes, which are becoming less and less vertical. This means that a large number of people are involved in the daily management of healthcare institutions— sometimes hundreds. So many professions and management levels need to be brought together around a common framework.

In this context, the right Business Intelligence solution is an indispensable tool. It is intuitive and accessible to all users in the sector, and it allows for rigorous management of access rights in order to provide as much protection as possible of the sensitive data inherent to the health sector.

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The benefits of data management for healthcare industry players

Healthcare institutions have a growing need for dashboards and indicators related to both their core activities as well as related areas. HR, finance, logistics and quality control are just as essential for their daily management.

With Business Intelligence, large volumes of data can be sorted and analyzed in detail as well as cross-referenced. Each problem encountered by the various departments can be resolved individually, with the help of a dedicated dashboard.

With its ability to rapidly process billions of lines of data, a dynamic dashboard tool like DigDash provides instantaneous results—essential for real-time reactions to any situation and the ability to make informed decisions about the future. From cross-referenced indicators to trend curves, data can be distributed quickly throughout the organization in formats that can be read and understood by all.

The accessibility of a given solution is also a crucial feature, as a wide variety of professionals are likely to require access to the dashboards and indicators. Designed to be as intuitive as possible, DigDash Enterprise can be quickly adopted by a wide range of users: a brief training session is all that is needed to become familiar with the various functionalities of the tool.

In addition, this BI solution meets all the requirements and regulatory changes related to the health sector, while at the same time providing medical institutions complete independence in terms of their data use. 

As a decision-making tool perfectly adapted to this industry, DigDash also allows for securing data through strict control of access rights, as well as by means of its secure cloud, which is certified by the HDS (Health Data Hosting).

HDS-Certified Cloud Hosting

DigDash has become the first BI player in France to offer a dedicated and HDS-certified Cloud product offer. Strictly regulated by law, the hosting of health-related data is subject to article L.1111-8 of the French Public Health Code. 

The article stipulates that any healthcare organization that manages personal medical data must use an HDS-certified service provider, an obligation that applies to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and mutual insurance companies alike.

The stakes are high, since the security, confidentiality and accessibility of highly sensitive data must be ensured. DigDash meets this challenge by offering a cloud with a higher level of security: each user’s infrastructure is completely insulated from all other users. 

Leveraging the reliability and know-how of its partner OVHcloud, DigDash secures access to all sensitive data, applying the “Zero Trust” approach. With the ISO 27001 standard, and the HDS and SOC I and II type 2 certifications, this Cloud hosting is adapted to all healthcare industry players.

In addition, healthcare institutions must be able to rely on a highly responsive and fully available infrastructure. In critical situations, the 99.94% availability rate of the HDS DigDash Cloud is a valuable asset. 

Particularly resilient and scalable, this hosting solution has many security mechanisms and provides elevated performance and attractive costs for storing large volumes of data.

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The DigDash Cloud BI is now HDS-certified

The DigDash Cloud BI is now HDS-certified

A solution adapted to the needs of all healthcare industry players

As an intuitive, powerful and flexible HDS-certified BI solution, DigDash is able to meet the specific needs of all healthcare professionals. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions can rely on our BI solution to manage large volumes of data and make timely decisions under all circumstances.

At the same time, other players such as mutuals and health insurance companies can also benefit from DigDash on a daily basis. From managing healthcare reimbursements to combating fraud, the daily operations of these organizations can be greatly simplified thanks to data control. Not to mention the positive impact on customer relations and engagement.

As for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, considerable improvements can be made in both team collaboration and the efficiency of clinical testing. The speed and availability of the HDS Cloud is also a way to shorten the “time to market” of new products, while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Finally, healthcare software companies can take advantage of a high-performance, fully scalable infrastructure that can be upgraded with new functionalities on an ongoing basis. All this in strict compliance with the regulations concerning health data protection.

In general, migration to the cloud allows industry players to manage their information systems with complete peace of mind, but also to optimize the organization and the management of their sensitive data.

DigDash is committed to fighting COVID-19

As a French HDS-certified platform adapted for the healthcare industry, DigDash was quickly employed in the context of the current health crisis. In close collaboration with official bodies such as the Ministry of Health, hospitals, regional health authorities (ARS), and the Health Care Insurance Fund (CPAM), our software solution is now being put to use in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After identifying a need for dynamic, reliable and functional dashboards to monitor certain health data, DigDash has established itself as a high-performance tool that meets the expectations of various players. With DigDash, the supply of drugs in French hospitals can be managed with great precision.

The initiative is now evolving towards a tracing tool which will allow for the identification of contact cases, but also serological tests, which will enable the timely identification of infection clusters. The number of tests performed by geographic area, date, age group and gender can be analyzed, as well as the ratio of positive and negative tests.

// Discover our COVID-19 pandemic dashboards //

DigDash has also been selected for the “Vac-SI” project, designed to monitor the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in France. This is a crucial step forward in the context of any health emergency, as it allows us to monitor a large number of indicators including:

  • the number of doses in the pipeline, consolidated by vaccine type, geographic area, or date;
  • the number of first injections given by age, place of vaccination, geographic area, or gender;
  • the number of second injections…

Of course, this collaboration would not have been possible without the security and confidentiality guarantees provided by DigDash and its certified cloud hosting for health data.

Designed for all healthcare institutions and professionals, the DigDash Enterprise platform meets all the challenges of the sector thanks to its performance, flexibility and security. DigDash is able to process large volumes of data, while remaining accessible to all users in the sector, and offers high-level protection with its HDS-certified Cloud hosting. This undertaking has only been strengthened by the health crisis, as our BI solution has been actively employed in the fight against the pandemic.