The DigDash Cloud BI is now HDS-certified

Tout savoir sur les bénéfices de cet hébergement cloud sécurisé conçu pour héberger des données de santé.

DigDash expands its Cloud BI offer in late 2020! Already available as a shared or dedicated infrastructure, DigDash Entreprise now offers HDS-certified cloud hosting.
Long committed to ensuring a secure, sustainable and European cloud, alongside its partner OVHcloud, DigDash has reached a new milestone with this offer dedicated to health data hosting.
We therefore take this opportunity to provide you with an overview of the various types of cloud hosting, the specificities of the HDS certification and the practical applications of this offer.

Why choose cloud hosting?

Opting for cloud hosting over private hosting offers many advantages!

The first is the scalability of the solution, to which new functionalities can continually be added, and which can gather an unlimited amount of additional data. In fact, the cloud offers potentially infinite storage and operating capacity. The cloud also offers much faster deployment and makes it possible to outsource various services when a private environment, by definition, is much more closed.

The benefits of cloud computing are therefore undeniable. But, are all hosting services really the same?
DigDash has decided to promote a secure, sustainable and European cloud.

The Open Trusted Cloud: a secure and trustworthy cloud

DigDash, the French leader in agile dashboard software for data visualization, exploration and analytics, is a member of the Open Trusted Cloud. Intended for software companies and providers of SaaS and PaaS solutions, this program aims to jointly build a service ecosystem hosted in the open, reversible and reliable cloud.

OVHcloud and DigDash have therefore built their partnership based on shared values, including respect for the freedom and fundamental rights of businesses, such as the right to data protection. OVHcloud’s infrastructure is particularly well suited to meeting these requirements. DigDash has also joined OVHcloud Marketplace, offering turnkey solutions hosted on the cloud.

Not subject to the U.S. CLOUD Act and compliant with European regulations, this cloud offers a high level of security and confidentiality. OVHcloud therefore guarantees the following for hosted solutions:

  • The choice of location for storing and processing data, in accordance with local legislation;
  • Compliance with the CISPE’s European Code of Conduct for data protection;
  • Compliance with the Code of Conduct on data reversibility facilitated by the European Commission;
  • The provision of various certifications, including HDS, PCI DSS and SOC1.

The various types of cloud hosting

DigDash advocates for an open and secure cloud in all circumstances, regardless of the type of hosting sought.

Shared Hosting

Also referred to as virtual hosting, shared hosting consists in grouping together several computer resources via a single server. The storage capacity is therefore reduced, since it is distributed between several users.
It is the most economical, and perhaps, the most commonly used solution in the world, with some servers able to host several hundred websites. However, the shared cloud is suitable for processing moderate amounts of data. There are actually limited resources available.
DigDash manages and maintains the solution, ensuring its proper functioning over the long term.

Dedicated Hosting

With this type of hosting, the user has access to a private infrastructure, that is, an infrastructure fully reserved for themselves. It offers greater capacity in terms of memory, CPU and bandwidth. The most ambitious projects can be carried out through dedicated hosting.
As well as being more expensive than shared hosting, the dedicated cloud is also more technically demanding for the user, who is also responsible for configuring and maintaining the server. The user must therefore ensure its proper functioning, as well as perform backups and other security updates.

HDS-Certified Cloud Hosting

When sensitive data such as health data needs to be hosted, dedicated HDS-certified hosting is essential. This type of hosting guarantees optimal security, confidentiality and accessibility of patients’ personal health data.
Moreover, the hosting of health-related data is strictly regulated by French law. Article L.1111-8 of the Public Health Code stipulates that any health organization that manages personal medical data must use an HDS-certified service provider. This applies to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and even insurance companies.

This type of cloud is firstly characterized by a higher level of security. This is because each user’s cloud infrastructure is physically isolated, ensuring optimal protection of patients’ data. HDS-certified OVHcloud cloud hosting adopts a Zero Trust approach, securing access to all sensitive undertakings. It is also ISO 27001, HDS and SOC I and II type 2-certified for all healthcare infrastructures.

HDS-certified cloud analytics is also widely available in critical environments. It represents a highly resilient solution with numerous security mechanisms, boasting a 99.94% minimum availability rate. This cloud is also scalable and high-performing, offering extremely high price-performance ratios for mass data storage.

A Cloud Dedicated to All Health Professionals

The HDS-certified cloud is intended for all types of healthcare institutions. By migrating to the cloud, these institutions can more comfortably manage their information systems, applications and, most importantly, their health data. This flexible and secure solution significantly reduces their infrastructural investment.

Insurance companies can also become more agile and ensure their customers are more involved through the HDS cloud, significantly facilitating the management of healthcare reimbursements and the fight against fraud, in particular.

The HDS cloud is also suitable for health software companies. This is because they can deploy their services on high-performance and scalable infrastructures, while strictly complying with the health data protection regulations in force.

Moreover, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can use the cloud to reduce the time to market of their new products. Team collaboration and the efficiency of clinical trials are also greatly improved. All this is achieved, of course, while guaranteeing optimum protection of sensitive data.

The DigDash Cloud becomes HDS-Certified

Keen to offer secure cloud analytics that meets all regulatory requirements, DigDash has now been awarded the HDS certification suggested by its hosting partner, OVHcloud.

In addition to its shared hosting and dedicated cloud offers, DigDash is therefore setting up a new service that is fully compatible with health data hosting. The strictest security standards must be met for this sensitive data. This is why the compliance of cloud hosting with HDS standards has been verified against the highest level of requirements, following a security audit carried out by independent specialists.

Recognized for its robustness and proven security features, DigDash has therefore rolled out the first fully French and HDS-certified hosting and data analysis offer.

DigDash alongside the French Ministry of Health in the management of the pandemic

This innovation was quickly implemented, since DigDash was already helping to manage the Covid-19 health crisis in close collaboration with various health actors (the Ministry of Health; regional health agencies; Hospitals; and the national health system).

Already used by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health as part of the Odin project (Dataviz Tool for Digital Investigation, by DigDash), the DigDash Enterprise solution then evolved to meet the needs related to the management of the coronavirus.

In the context of the health crisis, the Ministry wanted to have a solution to develop dashboards related to health. More precisely, it is a question of ensuring the monitoring of drugs in tension in French hospitals.

The experiment having been positively received, a second project quickly emerged. Entitled “traçing covid”, its ambition is to trace contact cases and serological tests with the aim of monitoring clusters. Highly confidential health data, which requires HDS certified cloud hosting to be processed securely.

Finally, in an extremely sensitive emergency context, DigDash was selected to pilot the “Vac-SI” project to monitor the vaccination campaign in France.


For DigDash, the implementation of HDS-certified dedicated hosting represents another step towards fully secure cloud analytics. An infrastructure fully designed to store and process health data that strictly complies with the regulations in force. This guarantees the confidentiality of this particularly sensitive information.

DigDash will soon prove itself in this field, demonstrating its capability to develop high-performance dashboards to visualize health data. DigDash’s structure has therefore directly contributed to the management of the Covid-19 crisis alongside the highest health authorities, including the Ministry of Health.

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