The Ministry of Education | Monitoring the quality of the operating processes

Nearly two years ago, the Ministry of National Education set up a new software suite for monitoring the quality of the operating processes.
Since it does not offer an integrated reporting system, the teams then look for an analytic dashboard tool that can be integrated into the software suite.
But the challenges are many.

Beyond the expected performance, the dashboard solution must address an issue of adoption within the teams: it must attract the support of non-expert users and make them want to create their own dashboards, to boost communication and feedback to the hierarchy.

In other words: democratize BI within teams.

“Thanks to DigDash, we reconciled performance and user adoption”

According to Anny Lavanant, national project manager for governance and operation of IT services, the DigDash Enterprise solution was distinguished by several criteria:

  • its performance, which is essential to follow precisely the process and the efficiency of the processes
  • its nice design and its ease of use
  • its multiple features (drill down, global vision, exploration …) that allow to navigate from the global vision to the detail.

But what made the difference is the fact that the platform can be integrated in the quality monitoring software suite.

Today, users no longer make the difference between the two tools, and the quality of the reporting has even generated greater support from the teams for the use of the software suite. An unexpected benefit!

A close relationship with DigDash teams

“On a daily basis, the contact is simple and user-friendly, and we quickly notice that, when needed, the teams are very reactive.
Also, we feel very listened to about our needs and our requests for product evolutions. ”

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The Ministry of Education | Monitoring the quality of the operating processes

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