The Drôme dpt | Management of HR thanks to reliable indicators

The Drôme Department implements actions of proximity and solidarity which concern the daily life of its inhabitants. Particularly regarding the sectors of elderly, disabled people, childhood, social, roads, colleges, environment, culture. There is an increasing amount of information available and the constant needs of Human Resources to obtain relevant indicators. As a result, the department decided to set up a Business Intelligence tool.

Back on the deployment of the solution with the testimonials of Catherine Lepoutre and Xavier Pradon. Both project managers within the department of Drôme.

What was the starting point for this Business Intelligence project?

“There is a real awareness within the department about the importance of indicators for the management of our HR. Today, we want to be able to follow in real time our activity and our performance, while optimizing our HR.

Until today, the dashboards were built manually on Excel. It took a lot of time for the Human Resources Department. The service needed a solution to reduce these time-consuming, repetitive tasks and the number of errors. This was caused by manual data entry.

We wanted to start this project by Human Resources, then decline it to the other professions of the department. So we needed a tool to build dashboards. But dashboards adapted to each profession of our community and thus standardize these indicators. ”

How did you choose this new solution?

“We knew that the Gironde department had initiated a similar project with DigDash. We were inspired by their approach and made a POC (“proof of concept”) with this vendor. The latter was conclusive, so we decided to be equiped with the tool, which is also referenced at the UGAP (Union of Public Purchasing Groups).

It is also the intuitiveness of the solution and the autonomy that convinced us. In fact, we want to extend the use of the software to our entire community. For that purpose, we needed a transversal tool. And this is the case of DigDash Enterprise. ”

And today, where is your project?

“The installation within our Information System was very fast and simple. The trickiest thing was to create our data warehouse, which was almost non-existent. We had to put it in place by qualifying all the data at our disposal. To produce later quality dashboards and obtain accurate indicators.

Soon directions will use this solution. In order to control the payroll, anticipate retirements, get an overview of the positions held in the department, understand absenteeism … In other words, to optimize the management of human resources in the community. The goal is to provide top management with clear, real-time dashboards to make decisions faster.

We then want to deploy the tool to Finance and Buildings. This will allow us to optimize the real estate and budget management of the department. All of this, constantly adding new indicators to make the most of all our data. “

The Drôme dpt | Management of HR thanks to reliable indicators

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