What are Business Intelligence trends in 2021

2021, the big changes in BI

While the benefits of BI in terms of decision support are well established, the field remains in constant evolution. Driven by the health crisis to reinvent itself to better support weakened companies, BI announces major changes in 2021.

Far beyond a simple reporting tool, Business Intelligence makes company data speak and becomes a major strategic tool for companies.

Boom in cloud computing massively adopted by organizations and individuals all over the world, advent of artificial intelligence, improved data quality … the last few months have seen major changes, bringing BI to the edge of a new era: predictive models.

New horizons for Business Intelligence

To help you make the right choices for your organization, we have studied and detailed in this White Paper, the 11 key trends not to be missed this year:

  • Self-service BI that generates a new approach to data analytics
  • Improving dataviz and data storytelling which offers a very operational business approach,
  • Strengthening the security and confidentiality of data, which requires better supervision of data management,
  • The acceleration of data processing with, for example, giving companies a head start in decision-making,
  • The advent of AI which adds the notion of relevance to data analytics,
  • The birth of predictive reports accessible to all to accurately and reliably anticipate each customer’s next purchase, for example,
  • Cloud computing and dedicated hosting, including the HDS cloud from DigDash, acclaimed by the authorities, in particular for the management of the pandemic,
    … so many innovations that are revolutionizing the 2021 horizon for Business Intelligence.

To understand everything, download our free White Paper: