Business Intelligence: what does the world of data have in store for us in 2022?

As we approach 2022, Business Intelligence continues to transform and reinvent itself to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Between technological innovations, regulatory requirements and economic challenges, the world of BI is about to undergo many changes.

To help your company make the best choices and harness the full potential of business intelligence, DigDash offers you an overview of the key trends that will mark the year 2022.

More and more accessible data

For a long time, data exploration and analysis have remained in the hands of specialized profiles. But things are about to change with the introduction of new features designed to make data accessible to everyone.

While the self-service BI continues to grow, non-expert users are becoming increasingly empowered. In parallel, artificial intelligence and data automation are enabling them to perform increasingly complex tasks, including predictive analyses.

The growing accessibility of data is also reflected in a more fluid communication of information, driven by cloud democratization and embedded analytics.

New challenges for Business Intelligence

The major trends in BI are also defined by the constraints on the sector. Data protection regulations in particular, are driving business intelligence tools towards ever greater security. The massive use of the cloud, which exposes data to a number of threats, only accentuates this need.

At the same time, data quality management is becoming a major issue, as organizations are required to manage and process ever-increasing volumes of data.


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