Weishardt Group | BI revolutionizes their activity management

4th largest producer in the world, the Weishardt group offers a wide range of gelatins and collagen peptides. These products are intended for all pharmaceutical, food or technical applications. The group wants to control its activity and improve the return of information to the various business lines. That’s why they decided to equip the company with a new BI tool: DigDash Enterprise.

Back to the deployment of the solution with the testimony of Franck Lasserre, CIO within the Weishardt group.

The need for new BI features to drive the group’s business

“Our company manufactures and distributes ranges of gelatins and collagen peptides used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. We are present in several countries and need powerful tools to control and monitor our activity.

Until today, we used a Business Intelligence solution that quickly showed its functional limitations. For example, it did not allow us to produce interactive dashboards. So, we decided to look for a new BI solution. ”

DigDash Enterprise: a flexible and agile French solution

“We launched a call for bid, in which we included major international vendors. In addition, DigDash was advised by a network of CIO’s with whom I exchanged. I was pleasantly surprised by the power of their solution.

The real plus of DigDash is the proximity, flexibility and its ergonomy. Indeed, we quickly felt that with DigDash, we could find answers to our questions. But also engage a real collaboration with them, which is not always the case with the big vendors.

Finally, the license management is very simple: there are several types of user licenses. In the future, we want to share our dashboards with our 450 employees. It is therefore interesting to benefit from licenses adaptable to our needs. ”

BI for more advanced activity analyzes

“The deployment of DigDash was very fast and very simple. We were able to migrate our old databases and dashboards without trouble. In addition, we received on-site training for all concerned departments. The application fits easily into our information system and the connection with the ERP is a real advantage. Indeed, the dashboards are reachable directly via the ERP.

Getting started with users is much easier than with our old tool. The businesses benefit from better visibility on the activity, allowing them to go further in their analyzes. They now have access to information they did not think they needed. Today, we count dozens of users of the solution: all department use it, from production to purchasing. This allows them to monitor very strategic metrics. For example, the prices of raw materials and transport, the state of the stocks, the quantities transported by country …

In the future, we would like to involve our employees more in driving. And this, giving them access to simplified dashboards. This will allow them to follow the activity of the group and to know the direction of the activity. This is why license management was an important issue for our group. “

Weishardt Group | BI revolutionizes their activity management

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