MDPH | A management tool to better support people with disabilities

The Departmental Home for Persons with Disabilities (MDPH) is a public interest group whose mission is to support people with disabilities and assess their needs and rights. There are 104 MDPH throughout the country.

Déva RADAKICHENIN, director of the Réunion MDPH, reflects on the implementation of an activity management tool with DigDash, alongside its integrator SAGIS.

Making activities more visible

Processing hundreds of requests per week and experiencing an increase in its activity, the Réunion MDPH was faced with a total lack of visibility regarding its data. 

After struggling to build reliable indicators and plan objectives, the organization decided to turn to an activity management tool. The integrator SAGIS, with whom the MDPH had been partnering for several years, recommended DigDash Enterprise.

A snapshot of data at any given moment

With DigDash, the Réunion MDPH now has a snapshot of its activity at any given moment, with daily updates. The creation of interactive filters and samples greatly simplifies daily file management.

Usable and accessible. The platform quickly found its place among the teams, easily handling and assessing requests, as well as allowing department heads to manage activity.

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MDPH | A management tool to better support people with disabilities


Déva Radakichenin


Director of MDPH Réunion

Secteur d'activité