Haute-Loire: managing a department’s projects with data management

Accumulating large amounts of data with untapped potential, the Haute-Loire department has become aware of the importance of data management and its development in order to better manage its various projects.

Rémy Berger, data analyst, looks back at the deployment of DigDash Enterprise within the regional government.

Data with untapped potential

Accumulating data for several years, the Haute-Loire department only used its data for daily management and monitoring purposes. 

However, the local government was faced with a major problem: how to make the most of the data in order to better manage its projects, assess its public policies, and make its achievements visible?

The need for a high-performance dashboard solution, which would make the sense out of the data then emerged.

DigDash: an intuitive and accessible solution

After a benchmark of the main solutions on the market, the Haute-Loire department opted for the DigDash Enterprise BI platform, enticed by its simplicity of use and its ergonomics.

This intuitive tool is aimed at both IT experts and business users, who can design management dashboards on their own. All this combined with the great data exploration capacities of DigDash, which allows the local government to exploit the full potential of its data.

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Haute-Loire: managing a department’s projects with data management




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