Delta Plus | Managing the financial KPIs of an international group through BI

As a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) specialist, the Delta Plus Group has been manufacturing and selling a wide range of products for over 40 years: helmets, shoes, harnesses, etc. Now present in around forty countries, the company’s considerable growth has soon brought about new challenges. 

The group’s head of IT, François GUIGOU, looks back on the implementation of this project.

BI: a significant challenge for the management of an international company

Equipped with aging tools that could no longer evolve, Delta Plus had to carry out a thorough overhaul of its computer system. Having initially been considered by the company in 2016, Business Intelligence has become essential for Delta Plus, which uses it to monitor its indicators, as well as those of its subsidiaries located around the world. 

Fast queries and data extraction, and the management of multiple time zones are just some of the many reasons why Delta Plus decided to replace its old BI solution with DigDash Enterprise: a simpler, more powerful and more flexible software.

Comprehensive reporting for all company departments

In addition to its main financial KPIs (turnover, margin, etc.), Delta Plus has been able to monitor a wide variety of indicators in many areas – logistics, sales, purchasing, accounting, stocks, etc. – thanks to DigDash Enterprise.

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Delta Plus | Managing the financial KPIs of an international group through BI

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