CGR | Customized Business Intelligence to go beyond classic statistics

Business Intelligence is not anything new for CGR. After having used in the past other BI tools, and unsatisfied with the results, the CGR company, a major player in the construction industry, decided to search for a tool that would be entirely adapted to its needs.
«We already had statistical tools that came from our ERP software. We were lacking flexibility… As soon as we wanted to vary and move away from classic statistics, we systematically had to realize new queries internally for a weak rentability. We were dependent on our IT department », says Sylvie GENIBRE, Marketing and Communication director at CGR.
To go above classic statistics and push analytics, the company wished to own a more recent and flexible tool.

DigDash differentiated itself from its competitors

Multiple demonstrations from different editors were necessary to benefit from a global market vision.
“We have asked three providers to create a demonstration base with our data and the DigDash solution most satisfied us.”

Ad Hoc analysis or custom-made BI

“In June 2014, we opted for the DigDash Enterprise solution, seduced by the Ad Hoc analysis, an option that its competitors did not offer with as much flexibility.”
The users can then benefit from a toolbox. They can cross the analysis axes as they wish and the chosen values.
“Some users have a problematic and a need to push analytics. The custom-made offered by DigDash truly pleased our collaborators. The Ad Hoc analysis corresponds to the on the spot needs and we have put it in place from the beginning.”

Liberating from the IT service

“By opting for the DigDash Enterprise solution, we have been able to limit the requests made to the IT service. We now benefit from real autonomy and a considerable time gain.
The next step for CGR: complete the data coming from the ERP software with Excel files.
“This multi-support interface functionality prevents us from adding fields in our ERP software. By choosing DigDash Enterprise, we also opted for flexibility.”

CGR | Customized Business Intelligence to go beyond classic statistics

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