Yvelines dpt | Business Intelligence optimizes real estate management

The Yvelines Department has more than 3,800 agents. Faced with the growing number of information to be managed and the constant needs of the business lines to obtain reliable indicators, the Department decided to set up a Business Intelligence tool.

Back on the deployment of the solution with the testimony of Phuong-Anh Barrier. He is the BI project manager in the Information Systems Department of the Yvelines Departmental Council.

In what context did you decide to turn to a Business Intelligence solution?

“In 2017, the Information Systems Department wanted to offer a Business Intelligence solution to the business divisions. The idea was to ensure the urbanization of the IS. But it was also necessary to meet the demand for reliable transversal aggregated indicators of the General Services department. I was recruited to streamline and optimize the existing Business Intelligence tools within the Department. My observation was simple: the existing solutions were not adapted to the businesses problems.

Business units have ever greater needs in terms of indicators for the management of their activities. And to obtain them, it is necessary to cross the data of the various services. They were stored on separate servers and exploited independently by each business. For example, a business executive uses Excel to aggregate and analyze them. While another has created his own Access database. Consequences: the production of these indicators required a lot of man-hours, also increasing the risk of errors due to manual re-entries.

In addition, users wanted more dynamic dashboards and a more user-friendly tool. So we decided to deploy a new Business Intelligence solution. ”

What was your approach to choosing this new tool?

“We have benchmarked 4 solutions suggested by the various business divisions. We then built a comparison that we presented to the services concerned. It is the intuitiveness of the DigDash Enterprise solution and its ergonomics that have convinced us. The fact that it was a French vendor was also an important criterion for us.

It’s an “all inclusive” solution. There is no need to add a large number of modules, the basic features are very comprehensive. In addition, the support teams are very responsive, we always find solutions quickly. ”

How is the deployment of the solution?

“To start, users within the Property and Real Estate Engineering Department have set up a pilot with dashboards. The purpose was to analyze the monitoring of the property portfolio of the Department. They get a global view of the real estate (which also includes colleges). They can follow the interventions within the establishments, their energy consumption, the rental fleet … To sum up, several thousands of data coming from different databases are aggregated.

With Data Visualization, business referents can quickly locate inconsistent data. And thus, to sensitize the operational staff in charge of the censuses in order to make reliable the processes of seizure. But that’s not all ! They can also identify issues and take appropriate decisions. For example, to optimize the electrical installation of a building, if they notice an unusual consumption. To summarize, we can say that our teams are gaining in responsiveness.

We currently have 30 active users. Later, we plan to extend the solution to the Finance, Human Resources and Social Departments. The aim is to produce indicators and dashboards for the Directorate General of Services. In order to make reliable the strategic management of the Yvelines Department activity. “

Yvelines dpt | Business Intelligence optimizes real estate management

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