ELAP | data visualization for healthcare institutions

Founded in 2002, Axège is a company that specializes in management control and healthcare institutions management. Acquired by the Médiane group in 2016, Axège is focused on editing its medico-economic management software package, AxègeSanté. 

Faced with the exponential amount of data generated in hospitals, as well with the lack of specialized BI solutions on the market, the company turned to DigDash to implement a dashboard solution adapted to its sector.

Thomas LEROY, Axège’s Sales Manager, looks back on the development and deployment of this application in healthcare institutions.

A sector in complete transition

In the healthcare industry, decision-making processes are changing and involving more and more players: the Human Resources Department, General Management, the Finance Department, Medical Information Department physicians, healthcare managers, etc. 

Business management is therefore becoming a major challenge. Decision makers must be able to analyze their data in real time in order to respond quickly to their operational challenges.

This implies the need for a powerful tool that is not only capable of processing large volumes of data, but that is also user-friendly for a wide range of profiles.

It is within this context that Axège has entered into a partnership with DigDash to develop dashboarding applications adapted to healthcare institutions.

Managing specific indicators

Healthcare institutions generate a large amount of data every single day and have a great need for indicators related to their activity, as well as quality, human resources, finances and logistics.

Thanks to DigDash, you can view a wide variety of KPIs divided by department: surgery, anesthesia, psychiatry, emergencies, etc. These can all be filtered by period, geographical area, or even, age group.

Decision makers can therefore create dashboards that resolve all their specific problems, with cross-referenced indicators, ratios or trend curves.

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ELAP | data visualization for healthcare institutions

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