Arcure | Strengthen industrial security thanks to dataviz

Specialized in industrial security, Arcure has been developing a perimeter protection system called Blaxtair for more than ten years.

This technology can be fitted to all types of construction machinery and industrial vehicles and aims to prevent accidents. It detects nearby obstacles and pedestrians, while warning the driver (or even people around, using a loudspeaker) to avoid collisions.

Anthime FERRIEU, project manager of the Blaxtair Connect solution, comes back with us on the growing need to collect and process data from machines.

Extract the data collected by the machines

At the heart of the Blaxtair Connect project: the extraction of data collected by machines equipped with the detection system.

Valuable information that was not enough to recover; it was still necessary to be able to present them clearly. Hence the need for a data visualization tool, allowing the design of dynamic and comprehensive dashboards.

DigDash: a tailor-made solution

Looking for a dataviz solution perfectly suited to its needs, Arcure turned to DigDash, which was able to understand its specificities and make it a personalized offer.

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Arcure | Strengthen industrial security thanks to dataviz

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