The Fournier Group | Real-time strategic indicators for all its brands

Created in 1907, the Fournier Habitat group was born in Haute-Savoie. Its activity is now organized around three businesses: Kitchen, Bathroom and Storage. Fournier Habitat has five brands: Delpha, Domactis, Perene: the premium brand, Mobalpa: the most famous and SoCoo’c: the most recent.

Faced with the rapid growth of the group and in order to meet the needs of the direction regarding business unit management, the company has decided to be equipped with a Business Intelligence tool: DigDash Enterprise.

Back on the deployment of the solution with the testimony of Pierre Gruffaz, Director of Information Systems in the Fournier Habitat Group.

What were your needs in terms of Business Intelligence?

“The Fournier Habitat Group currently has 1,700 employees, located in the head office and in the various branches. The communication and restitution of the data within the group is, therefore, a major stake for the management of the company’s activity.

Until then, we had a Business Intelligence tool, but it did not correspond to the needs of the different units, in terms of functional coverage and ergonomics. Each service preferred to use its own tools (often Excel) and its own data to build up its statistics. It often happened that the figures supposed to serve as a reference differ from one department to another.

In order to make our group management more reliable and to have tools adapted to our activity, we decided to start choosing a new BI solution.”

What was your approach to choosing this new tool?

“We benchmarked several solutions and finally chose DigDash. To make our choice, we based ourselves on several criteria. First of all, DigDash’s price positioning was very interesting compared to the other tools that were audited. Then, it is a French company, a significant advantage for the support.

But what really tipped the scales is the availability of the teams. Indeed, they were really attentive to our needs and were able to offer us the adapted modules. In fact, the deployment of the solution was very fast: the tool is easy to handle and is user-friendly. “

What benefits have you seen?

“We have deployed DigDash Enterprise in the sales department and management, which represents approximately 120 users. Before, we had trouble evangelizing around the interest of this type of solution. Employees were not receptive to this approach and found the software complicated to use. Today, this is no longer the case. Indeed, everyone speaks the same language and uses the same data. This allows us to obtain consistent figures within the company and to make our statistics more reliable. The ergonomics of the solution is also an asset, the indicators are extracted in a few minutes, so they are easier to restore. Thus, we can exploit more and react in real time to possible problems encountered.

The dashboards generated today gives us visibility on the turnover, the margin, the statistics by store, by brand, by the seller, the number of units sold … All these indicators make it possible to refine the management of business activity and analyze the results.

Our goal is to deploy the tool to the entire company. Soon, all our stores will be equipped. Thus, sellers will have access to their statistics to know where they are in relation to their objectives. We will move to more than 1,000 users, see 2 000. And of course, we will deploy within 1 year the solution in quality services, production, human resources, and marketing. In the end, all departments of the company will use DigDash! “

The Fournier Group | Real-time strategic indicators for all its brands

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