HPS | Using dashboards to retrieve and analyze electronic financial data

The multinational company HPS is a leading provider of payment solutions for banks, issuers, buyers, processors and mobile network operators.

Several years ago, HPS and DigDash entered a partnership, enabling HPS to integrate DigDash Enterprise into its own flagship software: the PowerCARD suite.

Anouar Benzakour, Data Analytics Manager at HPS, looks back on this implementation.

Retrieving and analyzing data: a major challenge

HPS, which had been collecting large volumes of incoming data, was faced with a major challenge: how to retrieve this data so that its customers could benefit from it?
Another challenge: providing banks with agile dashboards that allow them to monitor their activities.

HPS therefore turned to DigDash to exploit the full potential of its electronic financial data and to offer an additional service to its customers.

A win-win partnership

While searching for a tool flexible enough to be integrated into its solution, HPS also found a genuine partner in DigDash. Aware of the specific challenges facing this sector, especially in terms of security and performance, the DigDash team has managed to offer HPS direct support and guidance adapted to its needs.

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HPS | Using dashboards to retrieve and analyze electronic financial data

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