What are the alternatives to Excel?

When it concerns tracking and managing data, Excel is most often the only reporting option chosen by a large number of companies. However, it isn’t very practical and can be difficult to use as it requires some profound knowledge of the software.

You are used to creating your reports on Excel but you despise the software? Do you wish to find a software that allows you to deal with data without wasting time? It is possible with these alternatives that we’ll be presenting to you in this article.

Working collaboratively with Google Docs


If Microsoft Excel doesn’t allow you to work simultaneously on the same document with your colleagues, it is possible with Google Docs. It offers the same tools as Microsoft (Powerpoint, Word, Excel…), and its online presence makes it a valuable asset for collaborative work.

Google Docs is available wherever you are and whenever you want, you simply need a PC or device that connects to the internet. Nevertheless, you need a Gmail account.

Google Sheets offers different ways to conceive excellent dynamic tables. You can easily build quality diagrams without having extended knowledge on the matter. Creating spreadsheets and sorting your Excel data becomes simpler.

Opt for WPS Office


Entirely free, the productivity suite WPS has the advantage of being compliant with Microsoft’s: you can open and modify a Microsoft document directly in WPS office. It is very useful if you wish to change software without starting over your Excel document from A to Z.

Regardless of the platform you use, WPS office is compliant with Microsoft, Mac and also Linux. You also have the possibility to stock your files on the cloud; files sharing is therefore very simple.

The mobile app offers functionalities that’s sole purpose is to simplify your life and use WPS office whenever you want, wherever you are. For Excel, three types of keyboards are accessible (letters, symbols…), and a simple touch allows you to go change columns. Using multiples spreadsheets is also very simple.

Using Google’s alternative: Data Studio


In 2016, Google launched Data Studio, its own dashboarding tool. This software allows to collect on a dashboard, all the data coming from the Google apps that you use (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Sheets…).

Data Studio has many advantages: it is entirely free (you need to have a Google account), creating graphs and tables is done very simply and rapidly. You can add a text zone for commentaries, images, etc.

In a click, you can share your dashboards with the relevant people.

Simplifying your life with dynamic dashboards.


Excel requires you to have extensive knowledge of the software to conceive dynamic tables. With DigDash, you dispose of a clear dashboard software, powerful and practical to manipulate your data.

Founded by experts in business intelligence, DigDash collects all the data you need, structured or not, to create in all simplicity powerful analytics tables. They are easily read by each type of users and all job types. It is also done with large volumes of data. You do not need to call your IT department anymore to make a decision.

Even more, DigDash’s dashboards will allow you to analyze your operations and your objectives in real time. You choose your KPIs: the business intelligence software takes care of automating the process and make you gain time.

You’ve read it, Excel isn’t the sole solution to sort your data, and alternatives to Microsoft office exist.