Succeed in deploying your Business Intelligence project: the complete guide

Data has become a key challenge for businesses of all sizes and in all business sectors. But many of them are still struggling to take advantage of this new digital black gold.

Fortunately, solutions have emerged to help them meet this challenge, including Business Intelligence at the top of the list. But how do you run a successful BI project from scratch? How to deploy a tool adapted to the needs and resources of the company? This is what you will discover in the pages of this complete guide.

Choose and integrate your BI solution

The selection of a Business Intelligence tool is a crucial step in a BI project. To make the right choice, it is necessary to rely on a precise assessment grid and relevant criteria.

But this is only the beginning: the deployment of your solution must be perfectly managed to guarantee its proper functioning and user satisfaction. Hence the need to respect certain rules.

Optimize company performance

Once your Business Intelligence tool is integrated, you need to use it in a relevant way to improve your company’s performance. 

This requires a meticulous organization of your data, but also the creation of relevant, entertaining and understandable dashboards. Once these conditions are met, it becomes possible to make your data speak by telling captivating stories. This will significantly improve decision-making within the company.

But optimizing performance also requires continuous monitoring of certain key indicators whether they are financial or commercial. 


As you can see, implementing a BI project is no easy task! Fortunately, this complete guide will help you to see things more clearly and not to skip steps.


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