DigDash Enterprise goes fully online

Simplicity is at the heart of our DNA. This is why DigDash, in its desire to be accessible to all, has become the first French analytics and data visualization company to switch to full web mode for all its users.
The studio section of our solution, which is primarily aimed at creators of data models, is now also accessible via a web interface. So, from now on, every user can access DigDash Enterprise through a single, simple tool: a web browser.

Going fully online: an essential evolution

We live in a connected world, where workers are increasingly on the move. Between increased mobility and remote work, many employees end up using a wide variety of devices to meet their professional needs: laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. And with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, it is commonplace for employees to use their own devices in the workplace.
In this context, it is essential that everyone be able to work under the same conditions, regardless of where they are located and what device they are using. This is where web interfaces come in: the only prerequisite to accessing one is an Internet connection.

Through a web interface, employees who would normally have to be on the premises to access the tools and applications they need, can now access them no matter where they are, and no matter what device they are using.
In the context of these new work environment, the use of software with a closed architecture becomes a real hindrance. The company’s hands are tied, and they must limit access to specific computer workstations with sufficient power, which are located in the workplace.

DigDash: Forerunner for the move to the fully online platform in the world of data visualization

Being fully aware of the stakes related to the move to a fully online offering, DigDash has chosen to meet the challenge by reinforcing its web accessibility. Since the 2020R1 version, it has been possible to access a version of the studio from a simple browser, without any plugins. This move will benefit all user types, from modelers and designers to dashboard and data visualization consumers.
A decision based on a simple observation. Deploying Java applications on client workstations is a real usability obstacle. Some users, who use overly secure workstations, are unable to install new versions of Java or to launch certain applications. This prevents modelers and data designers from accessing DigDash. Up to this point, Java installations on workstations was mandatory in order to use the development studio. This tended to result in security constraints. Another issue was that the software requires relatively powerful machines to be used properly.

The good news is that the switch to full web mode eliminates all of these problems. From now on, a web browser is all you need to make use of the full suite of DigDash Enterprise functions.

studio web

The many advantages of full web mode

As you have seen, our fully web-based software requires only an Internet connection to operate. This has a number of advantages for users, who can now access it from any browser and from any device, even while using the simplest of setups. Tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones… It is no longer necessary to use a powerful device in order to quickly and easily access the software.
In terms of deployment, the full online experience also has a definite advantage. Installation constraints disappear: all you need to do to access the web application is to log in. In addition, companies no longer have to worry about issues related to upgrades, maintenance, storage capacity or bandwidth. Everything is managed on the software side! This means that collaborators are guaranteed to be using the latest published version, without having to download or update. Essentially, the software becomes a service in its own right, in a Software as a Service (SaaS) framework.
To sum up the move to full online in a single sentence: No software to install on employee computers or other devices, and no manual updates to perform. For the company, this means an immediate saving of time and money. The various teams within a company all have the same version of the tool and use the same workflows: this results in significant productivity improvements.
Given the diversification of professional practices such as teleworking, nomadic lifestyles, and ‘Bring Your Own Device’, work is becoming increasingly disjointed. Today, members of the same team may have to work in different places at different times. In this context, ensuring the productivity and competitiveness of a company has become a real challenge. Fully web-based applications are one of the best ways to overcome this challenge, since they allow resources to be pooled while making them accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Undeniable advantages for key accounts

For large businesses and public administrations, the deployment of a software solution often presents a real challenge. Is it possible for two departments of the same large organization to use the same tool in an integrated, fully harmonized fashion? And doing so while meeting all the security and performance requirements?
This is where full web integration truly shines! Firstly, it does not require much effort in terms of deployment, in contrast to standard software which requires intensive installation on several hundred workstations. In addition to its speed, deployment does not entail any specific rules and requires much less work for IT departments. In addition, full web mode bypasses potential infringements of a company’s security policies.
On the end user side, the benefits are equally tangible, with transparent and silent updates. No procedures are required, except on the server side.


By moving 100% of its platform online, DigDash Enterprise is now able to achieve its goal of offering BI and data visualization software that is efficient, fast, and easily accessible to all. From now on, our users can enjoy all the power of DigDash from a simple browser.