Clinitex: managing the activities of a cleaning company

Clinitex is a cleaning company that operates in all business sectors, from office buildings to industry and health. Founded in 1980, this family business now has 3000 employees spanning across most of France.

In 2019, Clinitex adopted DigDash Enterprise to manage all activities and resources across its various offices. Chief Information Officer, Jasmin BRUSSELLE, looks back at the deployment of this dashboard solution.

The need for an integrated management tool

As it started to become apparent that the reporting and data analysis tools used by Clinitex for several years had many limitations, the company became aware of the need to adopt an integrated solution that is easy to disseminate among its employees

Objective: to better manage the activities of the group’s various offices by making the most of all available data and cross-referencing multiple data sources.

DigDash: an agile easy-to-use and full web solution 

After benchmarking the different dashboard solutions on the market, Clinitex finally turned to DigDash, enticed by its high display speed and its full web interface.

This simple, intuitive tool was quickly adopted within the company, making it possible to integrate activity management and remove obsolete software.

Clinitex: managing the activities of a cleaning company





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