Agirc-Arrco: facilitating project monitoring thanks to data visualization

Agirc-Arrco is the supplementary pension scheme for private sector employees, and is organized with a federation and supplementary pension funds. In a context of transformation and digitalization, the federation has turned to the DigDash Enterprise platform in order to facilitate the monitoring of its projects and the sharing of information internally.

Alexandra COSSÉ, Head of Innovation, talks about the integration of our data visualization solution.

A structure undergoing a full transformation

In the context of a major transformation, Agirc-Arrco was looking to digitize its process and simplify the sharing of information internally, in particular for the monitoring of projects related to supplementary pensions.

To meet this need, the structure therefore started looking for a data visualization solution that would allow them to keep track of their projects and to easily consult their indicators.

This is why Agirc-Arrco turned to DigDash Enterprise.

A simple and fully customizable solution

In order to integrate the platform into its intranet network, in a way that is perfectly fluid for users, Agirc-Arrco has taken advantage of the high degree of customization offered by DigDash Enterprise.

The group was therefore able to design a customizable interface that perfectly meets its specific needs and blends it into its own environment. The tool is easy to understand and allows project managers to quickly fill in their project records. Finally, the information can be easily shared, as a PPT document or in digital format.

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Agirc-Arrco: facilitating project monitoring thanks to data visualization


Alexandra COSSÉ


Head of Innovation

Secteur d'activité