Management dashboards for local governments

At a time when the economic environment and institutional changes are having a direct impact on local governments, DigDash, the Business Intelligence software company, offers a simple and scalable solution to address the management issues facing local governments.

Discover all that BI can offer the public sector, from management control to HR reporting, and the monitoring of performance indicators for local governments.

What is a management dashboard?

A management control dashboard is a tool for consulting key performance indicators (KPIs) which, as the name indicates, are designed to measure the performance of a given organization. These indicators can also be used to monitor the progress of a project or action plan according to previously established objectives.

So, these dashboards are not a control tool per se, but rather, a management solution whose operation is closely linked to strategy of the organization in question. It is also an effective way to reduce uncertainty and to set a clear vision for the future, which greatly facilitates decision-making.

A Valuable Decision-making Tool

A management dashboard is not a measurement or evaluation tool, but rather, a forward-looking decision support solution. It provides the decision-maker with a specific insight into a given situation, enabling him or her to make more informed choices that are consistent with the organization’s strategy, activities and processes.

In this respect, management dashboards are best distributed throughout the organization, so that a given strategy can be applied in a concrete manner from the ground up. From finance to HR, each department must be able to benefit from a management tool that enables decision makers to be presented with concrete and relevant issues for consideration, regardless of their profile: manager, director, management controller, etc.

Everyone has their own objectives and missions to accomplish and everyone is looking to continuously optimize their processes in order to improve their performance and increase the value they create. The design of a dashboard is therefore an essential solution to meet all these needs, especially in the public sector.

The importance of management dashboards for local governments

Local governments are forced to make increasingly precise trade-offs in terms of public policy. As a result, their needs in terms of data management are constantly increasing.

Hence, the growing interest public administrations are showing for dashboards that not only support them in their decision-making processes, but also offer them a precise view of their financial situation, human resources, expenditures, revenues, etc. All this, along with real-time information updates, creates a truly fine-tuned management system.

The challenge of managing local government budgets

Optimizing the management of public expenditures is one of the main concerns of local governments. Now, a management dashboard provides a consolidated view of expenditures, revenues and other key budgetary indicators.

The organization can thus control its budget in real time and allocate its resources appropriately, whether they are material or human resources. The centralization of data within the same tool also facilitates the management of expenses and increases organizational efficiency.

This allows local governments to act rationally, with full control over their public spending.

Communication and data security

The management control dashboard is also a powerful communication tool, allowing information to be transmitted to all the departments comprise the local government in question. Indeed, Departments can easily collect and disseminate data in order to view, explore and analyze it. Through improved data communication, the organization can more effectively manage its activities.

In the public sector, security is also a major issue. In this respect, a dashboard solution allows for the granting of access rights according to the role and level of each user. Thanks to this data customization system, the flow of information within the teams is optimized.

Centralization of Business Software

Local governments are often obliged to use a multitude of business software solutions. This is why it is so important to have a system that is capable of adapting and connecting to existing information systems as well as to a wide variety of data sources.

Management dashboards allow you to aggregate a large amount of information, and to explore and analyze it from a single location. A true time and performance saver for public sector actors.

DigDash Enterprise: a dashboard solution designed for public administrations

The DigDash Enterprise platform aims to offer a solution that perfectly meets the needs of local governments in terms of reporting and management. This turnkey dashboard software has direct relevance to the problems encountered by public sector actors. It allows various departments to collect and distribute information: visualize, explore and analyze expenses, revenues, etc.

Because of the multiplicity of business software currently employed by local governments, this offer is simple and scalable. It also includes the integration of the software into the existing information system. DigDash provides personalized support for the implementation of dashboards and performance indicators to local governments.

Integrating DigDash in a local government: how does it work?

During a first web-conference demonstration of DigDash Enterprise, you will discover the extent of the software’s functionalities. This demo presents the various aspects related to both integration and configuration, but especially to the “business” use.

The software then connects to the “business” information systems of the local governments and to other existing data sources. The goal is to generate agile and dynamic management control dashboards.

The configuration is done either internally after a training on the tool, or guided by DigDash and its network of integrator partners.


With management software entirely dedicated to local governments, DigDash allows for the creation and employment of dynamic dashboards, accessible to all business users concerned, whatever their role. 

In terms of usability, the software is easy to use, install and maintain and it is perfectly suited to all types of users. Its speed, power and “no-plugin” policy make it an extremely well-suited solutions for public sector actors.

Dashboards for all public sector needs

DigDash Enterprise can be adapted to all the specific needs of the public sector.

Management control

DigDash Enterprise is a powerful tool at the service of management control. From cost accounting to cost analysis, including budgeting, our dynamic dashboards allow complete management of the organization and its resources.

Attached to the management control and public policy evaluation department, Christine CARRACO, holds the position of management controller for the municipality of Rueil Malmaison.

“Today we are consolidating data from various sources into DigDash. The daily automation of queries for data extraction from Business Object works very well, everything is updated automatically.

This automation made it possible to have up-to-date data:

  • day to day on the financial part of our dashboards,
  • monthly on the rest of the HR indicators. ”

HR Reporting

 DigDash Enterprise is a tailored solution for monitoring HR indicators and creating reports.

The town hall of Rueil-Malmaison thus relied on our platform to design an HR management review, with a large number of KPIs grouped under 4 main themes:

  • payroll,
  • workforce,
  • absenteeism,
  • Training.
Customer Testimonial:

Rueil Malmaison | HR Dashboards

After realizing the importance of indicators for HR management, the Department of Drôme has also chosen DigDash Enterprise to achieve a dual objective:

  • monitor its activity and performance in real time,
  • while optimizing its human resources.

The integration of DigDash quickly enabled the community to produce qualitative management dashboards and obtain precise indicators. The department is now able to control its payroll, anticipate retirements, obtain an overview of the positions held, better understand absenteeism … In other words, the Drôme daily optimizes the management of its human resources.

Customer Testimonial:

The Drome | HR management with reliable indicators

Building and property management

Implemented by the Directorate for Buildings of the Yvelines County Council, DIgDash Enterprise has enabled the production of reliable dashboards and indicators, while meeting an increasingly growing need: the generation of cross analyses. The tool has thus greatly facilitated the management of the community’s real estate.

The Yvelines department has also used DigDash for its budget management needs, as demonstrated by the presentation of its 2021 budget.

Customer Testimonial:

Yvelines | Business intelligence for building management


DigDash Enterprise is a must-have management dashboard solution for local governments. In addition to human resources and building administration, our platform is able to meet a multitude of needs: social management control, road management, schools and universities, asset management, etc.