The latest trends in Business Intelligence : Top 10

From smaller to larger companies, Business Intelligence provides you with essential analytical tools to help you make decisions.
Discover what are the top ten BI trends in 2019.

1) Augmented Analytics to make dashboards more familiar

Augmented Analysis combines the benefits of natural language processing with machine learning in dashboards. This 2019 BI trend is gaining popularity in companies because it allows automating more efficiently the organization of data as well as the sharing and exploitation of information.

2) Data Storytelling

The principle of this BI trend is to put data into a narrative form, in everyday language, to guide action or decision. This popularization becomes particularly useful when it comes to explaining in less time, users are less aware of new information, figures, and data related to concrete projects.

3) Data Democratization

This conceptualization, which favors access to data and new technologies for all, between the departments of a company, aims to help users better understand the performance recorded so that the mutual analysis efforts benefit to the whole organization.

4) Self-service BI

Self-service BI software has been designed for users who do not have experience in business intelligence, data mining, and statistical analysis. They feature an intuitive interface, simple navigation features, in a more user-friendly dashboard.

5) Predictive analysis on a dashboard

This is a real revolution in how to approach the decision-making process.
Through the Artificial Intelligence algorithms of a dashboard, Prédictive Analytics uses Data Analysis techniques and statistics to determine different future performances.

6) Combining Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Edge Computing to store data

Another 2019 BI trend: companies now tend not to store all their data in one place. By distributing and calibrating on multi-cloud and hybrid solutions, you opt for more security and confidentiality. Edge Computing provides a decentralized add-on to the cloud and data centers and helps manage data and workloads.

7) Embedded Analytics

Directly integrated with a common application, this BI tool gives you direct access to your Dashboards, Datavisualizations, and Reports, from any business application you use on a daily basis.

8) The Data For Good Movement

More and more developers and data scientists are coming together in communion to put their skills to the search for solutions to social problems. Data science is already a lever of innovation among the most powerful. Joining the DFG is, therefore, one of the big BI trends of the moment.

9) Insurance to protect the data

Cyber ​​attacks and information leaks can be very expensive for small and large businesses. Custom insurance services have therefore been developed to ensure more cybersecurity. Exclusions and warranties may vary from one insurer to another.

9) Companies recruit Data Directors

Developments in Business Intelligence have created the need to open a new position in the company, that of Chief Data Officer. This framework plays a key role in organizing the data, in controlling the quality of the material collected to develop the overall strategy of the company, based on the data collected. It also ensures the reliability of this information and analyzes it, before sending it to the Management.

To learn more about BI trends and how tools can positively impact your strategy, listen to Antoine Buat’s interview, co-founder of DigDash, at BFM Business.

Antoine BUAT, Co-founder of Digdash, in “Tête à Tête des Décideurs” – BFM Business (French video)

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