DigDash is featured in the BI & Analytics Survey 2022

DigDash is featured in the BI & Analytics Survey 2022

For several years now, the BI & Analytics Survey has been the only real reference point for Business Intelligence. In the 2022 edition of the BARC survey, no less than 30 leading BI software products were examined and compared according to a number of criteria: performance, flexibility, customer experience, satisfaction, etc. Once again,DigDash stands out as one of the best dashboard software in the world by taking top position 16 times

DigDash awarded for its flexibility and performance

Agility is an integral part of DigDash’s DNA and the results of the survey confirm it. With a score of 7.4/10 in flexibility, clearly above the average of 5/10, our solution stands out for its capacity to meet a multitude of needs. Users point out that DigDash offers them with everything they need to load their data, create indicators and visualize information from their data sources.

Customers also express their satisfaction with the software’s performance, giving it a score of 9.7/10 in this category. The speed and power of DigDash Enterprise, even with large volumes of data, are thus rewarded.

A software praised by its customers

93% of the people questioned would definitely recommend DigDash to their friends and family, which explains its recommendation score of 8.1/10. The simplicity and ergonomics of the software, especially for the design of dashboards, are also cited as its main benefits.

Customers interviewed by BARC also emphasize the importance of customer support and the dynamism of DigDash, which evolves its tool according to the needs and feedback of its users.


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