BI Survey 2017: DigDash Enterprise stands out from the competition

The BI Survey is THE largest survey of companies using Business Intelligence software.

With regard to the 2017 edition (conducted on 3066 companies), the results indicate that the agile dashboard software DigDash Enterprise ranks first in terms of “Competitiveness” and “Project duration”.

This year, the study compares 42 business intelligence solutions on a set of 29 performance indicators such as competitiveness, flexibility and innovation. DigDash Enterprise, one of these BI solutions is particularly popular among it’s users and stands out.

With less than 3 months of “implementation time”, DigDash Enterprise ranks # 1 in terms of “project duration”. According to DigDash Enterprise users, the time required to deploy the dashboard software is 2 and a half months. It is thanks to this that the publisher of Aix en Provence (France) ranks number 1 in terms of “Project duration”.

The results of the survey also revealed that by its ease of installation and use, DigDash Enterprise software is one of the leaders in the field of Business Intelligence software. In general, DigDash Enterprise users are attracted by the team’s expertise, proximity and flexibility.

The “Gold Medal of Competitiveness” goes to: DigDash Enterprise

In terms of competitiveness, the dashboard software publisher is at the top of the ranking. DigDash Enterprise ranks No. 1 among distributors in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

Digdash, a dashboard software highly recommended by its users n terms of recommendation. Our software,DigDash Enterprise, is also in the top of the ranking. The users emphasize above all the great intuitiveness of the software. Particularly, its speed of execution as well as the reliability of the DigDash team.

Designed to optimize the user experience and facilitate the interactivity of business users with their dashboards. It’s the ease of use of DigDash Enterprise software that pushes its users to recommend this solution to other companies. The availability, expertise and responsiveness of DigDash support is also a advantage often put forward.